Board Members & Committees


Serving on one of the Danby HOA committees is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors. The committees are composed of individuals who volunteer their time for the betterment of Danby.


Responsible:  Kevin Sweet

Oversees the fiscal health of the community. The Committee reviews the monthly balance sheets, income and expense reports and delinquencies and works with the Committees to fund projects throughout the property. The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for looking over the Reserve Report to ensure funding when components of the property need to be replaced. Monthly and quarterly reviews of the Replacement Reserve investments keeps the Board informed on how the investments are performing.


Responsible:  Klara Peckova

To provide information to the residents regarding the actions of the Board of the Directors and other committees. The committee coordinates the development of the newsletters and websites.


Responsible:  Russ Petty and  Brian Graml

To preserve, enhance, and assure uniformity in the architectural aesthetics of the community by consistently applying the Covenants and Design Standards. The Architectural Control Committee develops and implements guidelines, reviews architectural submittal, and maintains records of architectural recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Responsible: Jenn Graml

To promote community wide activites. The purpose of this committee is to allow everyone an opportunity to get to know their neighbors to increase the sense of community in Danby.


Responsible: Mariana Denobili

To establish procedures to protect the common property and develop a program that provides a visible presence in the community to reduce vandalism and other crimes. The Committee recommends security measures and services to the Board of Directors during certain peak times of the year when additional protection is needed, such as at holiday times, summer season, or during community events.


Responsible: Kevin Sweet

To maintain and improve, when needed the grass, trees, plants, flowers, and grounds located in the front entrance. The Landscape Committee develops the maintenance contract and oversees the seasonal maintenance activites.


Go door to door and meet your neighbors on your street. Collect information, such as email addresses, names of residents. Report any violations to the architectural control committee so the appropriate action can be taken. Each street should have a captain, possibly two captains for the longer roads.

If you are interested in signing up to participate in any of the committees, complete the form below.