Community Watch

LFA-Safety Flyer

Due to resent larceny from autos in your neighborhood and surrounding
shopping centers, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department would like
to provide you with some Safety Tips to help decrease the possibility of you
becoming a victim of a larceny from auto.
Safety at home and shopping centers
 Do not leave valuable items visible in your car.
 Close all windows and lock all doors before leaving your vehicle.
 Park in well-lit, heavily populated areas.
 Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, find another place to park.
 Avoid parking next to occupied vehicles.
 Be aware of your surroundings.
 Do not leave garage door openers in parked vehicles.
 If you see any suspicious activity or individuals, please call 9-1-1
 Don’t think your dark tinted windows will hide your valuables. Thieves often use
flashlights to see through tint.
 If you are parking your vehicle for several days check on it periodically.

Break – Ins

There have been a lot of break-ins recently and ALMOST every report we take involves an unlocked car.

Two daily action items can save a lot of frustration in the long run:

  1. Take items of value out of your vehicle. (from loose change to sunglasses to phones to purses and even laptops)
  2. Lock your vehicles.

If you see suspicious activity, please call 911 and report it. All too often we get messages via email or NextDoor telling us about a person seen trying door handles or looking into cars, but 911 is almost never called. This short call can go a long way with getting officers into our neighborhood and keeping problems out.

  • It is never a bad idea to review the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry on a regular basis. If you have children, or are a woman who lives alone, you may want to check this registry in order to be aware of who your neighbors are. Many sex offenders have restrictions and probation requirements which states where they can and cannot live, so if someone on this registry lives in an area that violates their registration, then the proper authorities should be notified.
  • The website is



danby drive safe

We remind you, that the speed limit within the community is 25 mph. Many residents and visitors are not respecting this rule.


Property Maintenance

In order to maintain a clean and safe neighborhood Danby is regulated under Mecklenburg county code enforcement. We will be notifying select homes that break county codes. They will have 30 days to remove object(s), after that 30 days they will be reported to Mecklenburg code enforcement. You can view a copy of the by-laws here.

Danby has partnered with a junk removal service for an exclusive discount on
removal of junk,

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Do not park on the streets or sidewalks

We are seeing that many cars are being parked on the streets, which is a violation of the community bylaws. Our streets are narrow in many areas and this has caused a safety issue in the past for fire trucks coming into the community to help people who need emergency services. We will send out a notice and give a time frame for which the vehicle must be moved. If the vehicle has not been relocated in the time frame allotted then we will have no choice but to tow that vehicle. We have hired another tow company that will tow cars on a daily basis. Please utilize your driveways/garages to park your cars in.

Street parking is a nuisance for families who have difficulty getting into or out of their driveways because a car is parked on the street and is blocking their path. Please also refrain from parking on the lawn or sidewalks of the community.

Leash Laws

We remind ALL residents, whether homeowners or renters, that they must abide by the county LEASH LAWS.  Be sure your dog is SECURELY fenced or on a leash and ALWAYS pickup after your dog.